We have developed individualized accounting services to address project challenges, compliance needs and industry standard tax practices. Our real estate accounting services are designed to help resolve some of the issues you face during the acquisition, development, holding and selling phases by providing sophisticated income and tax minimization strategies and services. In working with property owner clients, we seek to maintain maximum tax benefits, protect your assets from creditors, and facilitate productive cash flow.

Each year we prepare detailed budgets that analyze both income and expenses for our clients. This budget process provides our owners with an accurate prediction of the next year’s cash flow. This budgeting considers capital expenditures for the coming year as well as potential vacancies and lease up costs. By discussing these factors at the beginning of the year, we are able to work independently, providing our owners freedom from their assets.

If your goal is greater personal freedom along with equity growth and cash flow, we can help.

Our sample report contains a balance sheet, income and expense statement, budget, projected rental income, rent rolls, delinquency and much more. We provide customized reports, CAM reconciliations and much more for our clients as we cater to each client’s specific needs and request to account for their investment.

What our clients say...

We just received the February report. Very nice improvement from the past. Virtually all pages are easier to read and understand. I especially like the budget comparison.

Thank you and your team.

Ben White
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