Tenant Representation

ECP Commercial’s brokers gets to know each tenant before going out to find a new location.

Understanding the tenant and the business then combining that knowledge with market understanding is the key to structuring a new lease properly. This is critically important to successful tenant representation. With our experience managing projects, we use this knowledge to help find the very best “fit” for each tenant and understand that finding that fit is often more important to a tenant than just the lease rate. Being able to combine useable space, space configuration, location, options along with the lowest lease rate is what sets ECP Commercial apart from its competitors.


ECP Commercial was able to combine and deliver all its assets in one of largest transactions completed in San Diego in 2010.

Emerald Textiles was a venture put together by the Gildred and Payne Families. Emerald had the daunting objective to build a world class laundry in San Diego in a market where no new facilities had been built in over 30 years. As this group would soon find out, there was a reason.

With a requirement this large, Emerald could have hired any tenant representation broker in San Diego.

They chose ECP Commercial because they knew ECP would bring personalized service as well as superior market knowledge combined with hard work and diligence to this project. The first task was to find both water and sewer availability in a market area from Otay to Oceanside. Then each building had to be screened for access, power, loading, roof strength and parking. Once that screening was completed, ECP had to evaluate building ownership and their desire to work with such a dynamic requirement. After this evaluation, ECP went to work structuring a lease with options to both expand and ultimately purchase the property. This work culminated in a 10 year lease that allowed the Emerald group to invest millions into their dream of building the best commercial laundry in the world.

Since opening in September of 2010 in space totaling 48,000 square feet, Emerald has already expanded by 23,000 sf with space now totaling 72,000 square feet making this lease one of the largest in San Diego in 2010. Emerald is now looking to expand operations north with a distribution terminal and then build a new production facility in Los Angeles. ECP Commercial will be representing Emerald exclusively in these new searches.

What our clients say...

To ECP Commercial:

I wanted to express my appreciation for Brian Jenkins. He assisted me with acquiring a lease on my new shop.

In one day, Brian found six or more properties that would fit my needs as opposed to the three months and very few properties that the other commercial realtors found. Brian’s commitment after finding the properties is excellent, his negotiating skills are top notch and I found his knowledge of insurance requirements extremely helpful.

I will recommend Brian to anyone and everyone I know, even the ones I don’t know, who are looking for commercial real estate assistance.


Robert Field
East County Diesel, LLC
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